Twitter Parasites Swoop Desperately On SMS Gap

There seems to be a whole mini business segment emerging in powering Twitter SMS messages where Twitter itself can’t. San Francisco-based web-SMS outfit 3Jam is the latest to make a play for users disgruntled by Twitter’s decision last week to abandon SMS message delivery for those outside US, Canada and India. So far, though, it can only deliver private messages and not the main tweets; it’s also providing local numbers for outbound tweets in the UK, Sweden, Germany and Australia – though Twitter hasn’t disabled that function in existing countries. 3Jam, somewhat rudely, says it’s “providing a solution to yet another Twitter ‘fail’;” other parasites sniffing around Twitter’s misfortune include Tweeteroo, ZygoTweet and TweetSMS, as Tricia and PDA pointed out. But they’re all destined to be short-lived, if Twitter itself gets around to sorting out a better deal on bulk SMS.