Green Campaign Watch: McCain Visits Oil Rig, Bloomberg Says Candidates “Pandering” & Schwarzenegger Inflates His Tires

With oil and gas prices dropping, some think energy might become a less pressing issue for the remainder of the campaign. But McCain took time to fly to an oil rig this week to continue pushing for offshore drilling. Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg took time in a speech to blast the presidential candidates for “pandering” on energy. On the other coast, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger talked sense and agrees with Obama that properly inflated tires could save Americans a lot of oil. Seems like energy is still pretty important.

McCain Stands For and On Offshore Drilling: McCain, standing astride the physical manifestation of his oily energy plan, reiterated his call for more offshore drilling. McCain’s original photo opp atop an oil rig was canceled because Hurricane Dolly was barreling across the ocean at the time. But Tuesday, under sunny skies, McCain told reporters helicoptered out to the rig: “It is time for America to get serious about energy independence, and that means we need to start drilling offshore at advanced oil rigs like this.”

Bloomberg Blasts Candidates Over Energy “Pandering”: Speaking at the 2008 National Clean Energy Summit, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg blasted the candidates for “pandering” to voters with short-term, gimmicky energy plans.

“We ought to be getting a real debate on our energy future from our major Presidential candidates. Instead, sadly, they’re treating us to a political silly season, with one candidate calling for opening up the nation’s strategic oil reserves and the other for giving the federal gasoline tax the summer off. For shame–the best that can be said about those ideas is that they’re pandering.”

The majority of the Mayor’s speech was devoted to outlining his hopes for an offshore wind farm near New York.

Schwarzenegger Thinks Inflation Is Good (for Tires): The McCain campaign had a field day with Obama’s true statement that properly inflated tires could save Americans gas. But now Republican California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has come out in favor of properly inflated tires, part of his endorsement of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers’ new “EcoDriving” program. One of the program’s 15 points says: “Sample maintenance practices include: Knowing which motor oil to use, understanding the importance of proper tire pressure and what affects tire pressure, understanding aerodynamics and much more.” Maybe we will see the Governator play a role in a potential Obama administration, or if Al Gore’s already taken that, maybe a spot in the Department of Transportation?