Zapproved: Streamline Decisions

ScreenshotDo distributed teams need a better solution for tracking and making decisions? Zapproved thinks so, and they’ve built a tool to be that solution. The idea is relatively simple: when you’ve got a proposal that needs to be signed off on by everyone on your team, you create it in Zapproved’s web interface. The service then sends emails to everyone with great big “Approve”, “Deny”, and “Comment” buttons. An online console lets you track the progress of your proposals towards (hopefully) group acceptance.

Zapproved also lets you attach files to documents, as well as setting due dates, priorities, and project names. Although you need an account to use the service, the others on your team do no. If your team is distributed and you spend an inordinate amount of time chasing down consensus on routine matters, it’s worth a look. Zapproved is free while in beta, though they do say there will be a charge at launch.