Zoho Adds Sharing

ScreenshotWe’ve covered a great many Zoho services over the years; they continue to have one of the most diverse software-as-a-service offerings. Their latest addition is Zoho Share, which brings both file storage and file sharing into play. If you’ve already got Zoho credentials from another application, you can use them to log in to Zoho Share. When you get there, you’ll find a public file-sharing site, showing you content that other people have uploaded. But you’ll also find a private “My Area” tab, which lets you upload and manage your own documents. You can choose to keep these documents private, or make them public by default.

Zoho share includes embedded viewers for the various file types it supports: Zoho’s own files (which you can easily click through to edit in their home applications), PDFs, older Microsoft documents, ODT, CSV, and a few others. Files are limited to 3MB, and you can select from a variety of Creative Commons licenses for each file you upload (including restrictive licenses that preserve your rights on private documents). Like the other commodity Zoho services, Zoho Share is free.