Mobilize LaunchPad Contestants Announced

With less than three weeks to go, we are busy trying to finalize panels and speakers for our Mobilize conference, scheduled to be held on Sept. 18 in San Francisco at the Mission Bay Conference Center. (We have super-saver tickets on sale but not for long.) One of the highlights of the event is Mobilize LaunchPad.

When we asked for submissions, we were simply deluged by the number of entrants, many of them tiny and pre-launch. The sheer number of applicants shows the robustness of the mobile application market. If you give innovation a chance to thrive on mobile, entrepreneurs will think of many different ways to leverage the mobile platform.

Much as we would like to showcase all of them, we can’t. Our network editors, conference advisers and mobile experts sifted through the companies and voted for the ones they liked most. Here is a short list of the (baker’s) dozen of companies that will be making presentations on stage:

  • Fonemesh: A Wi-Fi mesh software maker.
  • Tunewiki: Wikipedia and Karoake meet on the handset to create a killer app (for some). Groups collaborate to transcribe lyrics for songs and correct any mistakes.
  • Heysan: A unique IM system that works on any handset with a capable mobile browser. Already a hit with the iPod Touch and PlayStation Portable users.
  • Pinch Media: Analytics for iPhone applications.
  • Fonolo: Simple mobile tool that makes calling customer support or your bank a little more bearable. Are planning to announce a hot new app.
  • Skyfire: A mobile browser that does everything a desktop browser will do, including Ajax and Flash.
  • Zecter: For sharing your media from the desktop and the cloud to your phones.
  • LuckyCal: It turns your calendar into a hub for your mobile life.
  • MotionDSP: Technology that helps clean up videos and make them more watchable on mobiles.
  • Cumulux: Super-stealth mode. You have to come to the conference to get the low down.
  • Placethings: A mobile media platform that allows people to create and interact with place-based media from their mobile device.
  • Fusion Garage Project: A browser-based mobile OS that ties it to web services.
  • Tapulous: iPhone games that strategically utilize the social network embodied in the phone.

There was a tie for the 12th spot so we are including an extra company in the list. To all the contestants, congratulations for making it thus far — now get ready to make your pitches and impress the judges and conference attendees. Our judges at the LaunchPad will pick the winners at the conference with participation from attendees, who will vote on the startups using their mobile phones.

I would like to take a minute to thank each and every startup that applied for the contest. We appreciate your efforts deeply and hopefully we can stay in touch as you progress toward making your dreams come true. A special thanks to all our friends who helped spread the word about the contest.