Vid-Biz: Democrats, AMD, Vudu

More Online Video at Democratic Convention; YouTube, Dailymotion and Stickam all contribute to the new media coverage (good thing Level3 has installed more than five miles of fiber optic cable for the event). Want to watch the show online? Check out our handy guide.

AMD Sells Off Digital TV Chip Division; Broadcom buys it for $192.8 million in cash. (GigaOM)

Vudu Hires New CFO; former eBay finance exec Chris Watts joins the company amidst recent layoffs. (release)

Classics Still Can’t Be Found Online; digital downloads favor newly released titles; films like The Godfather and Jaws can’t be found legally online as rights are cleared and there’s more money to be made from DVD sales. (Variety)

Brian Conley Released from Chinese Detention; citizen journalist and seven other Americans freed six days early and deported back to the U.S. (Next New Networks)

ABC News’ Web Newscast Not Going Away; network will keep producing the the 15-minute news program with Charlie Gibson. (The Hollywood Reporter)