Do You Samsung Instinct?

As part of my get-well regimen, I spend a lot of time at the local gym. The upside (or the downside) of being on the treadmill or the stair-master is that you spend a lot of time watching lots of basic cable television. Switching channels, I found myself running across advertisements of Sprint touting Samsung Instinct, the iPhone-competitor, popping up way too frequently.

Sprint must be spending mucho dinero on these ads (they are pretty darn good) and made me want to take a second look at the Instinct, even though Stacey wasn’t too impressed by the phone when she checked it out earlier. I wondered if there were others who were taken in by this new ad-campaign. According to the results of our previous poll, 60 percent of Sprint customers thought it was the best option on that network — a good sign.

So I dropped the folks from Sprint an email, asking them how they were doing with the Instinct, and how many units they had shipped. Sure enough, I was being optimistic about getting a right answer. “Sorry but we do not provide these numbers as they are considered proprietary. I can simply tell you that we are very pleased with the sales and it continues to be incredibly successful,” a spokeswoman emailed me back. I asked Sprint to disclose the monthly data usage on this device but was turned down as well. Oh well…as I was saying, I was being optimistic.

Question: Are you one of those people who owns Samsung Instinct and what has been your experience with the iPhone rival?