USAToday- VoIP on AirCell’s WiFi is “hacking”

Gogo_logoAirCell and American Airlines made big news recently with the inaugural flight with their new WiFi hotspot in the air turned on.  We told you how Andy Abramson and Joanna Stern had a VoIP voice chat over the AirCell network even though both companies had stated that VoIP was disabled on the network.  USAToday got wind of that chat and determined that this was "hacking" the AirCell system.  That bad Andy and Joanna.  Andy tells us that he has tried and tried to talk to AirCell about how they simply used Phweet and TringMe to make the call and he finds it amusing that USAToday calls that hacking.  That’s the equivalent of saying that Flash and Safari are hacker’s tools which is pretty funny when you get down to it.  Andy is giving up on talking to AirCell about this but he did receive this funny notice from them:

"It is against American’s policy and Gogo’s terms of service to useVoIP. Aircell has multiple protocols and practices in place to preventthe use of VoIP. Obviously, it is extremely difficult to stop everyinstance of VoIP but Aircell is monitoring and working constantly toenforce American’s policy and Gogo’s terms of service."

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