Sprint Integrates Content and Location Services Into Its WiMax Network; Content Partners

imageSprint (NYSE: S) has integrated a slew of content and location-based services into its upcoming Xohm WiMax wireless broadband network. In the release, the company stressed the importance of developers and customers being able to tap into this information, which sounds more open than most relationships with wireless carriers today. The location services can be utilized in all sorts of devices, including laptops, mobile Internet devices, media players, cameras and car navigation.
As a reminder, the company will launch its Baltimore network commercially this September with other cities expected in the fourth quarter. I can imagine if and when Sprint and Clearwire (NSDQ: CLWR) merge, they’ll adopt these services, rather than have to rebuild them from scratch

Here’s some of the services that will be available from the Xohm Portal at launch:

uLocate Communications: The company will be the backbone of its service, and provide its WHERE platform, and friend-finding app Buddy Beacon. Users will also have access to restaurant reviews, news, events and weather through partners such as Yelp, Eventful, Topix, *NAVTEQ* and Accuweather.

Topix: The news aggregation site will provide local news based on current location as a summary, with an option to read full stories and others at its site.

Google: The company is contributing Local Search along with additional features and functionality from *Google* Maps. More details here at mocoNews.