What’s Happening With Vivendi Games Mobile? Possible Sale Coming

imageWhat is happening with Vivendi Games Mobile, the mobile gaming unit of VG which is now part of Activision (NSDQ: ATVI) after the merger? We have been hearing rumblings of the mobile unit being disposed of, but haven’t been able to confirm to whom. Activision/Vivendi (EPA: VIV) Games’ PR has not returned our e-mails…but it has previously described it as part of it “non-strategic business units”, meaning it would be sold. It is also looking at selling off Sierra Online, which provides casual games for the PC and Xbox Live Marketplace.

We initially suspected the two Indian gaming Indiagames and Jumpgames (part of Reliance) could have been the buyers, since both of them are in the U.S. market looking at acquisitions, but turns out they aren’t the buyers.

If anyone knows who’s buying these units, ping us anonymously through the Tips form in the left column (RSS readers will have to click through)…