eReader, Mobipocket appear on SoriBOOK B60 eInk device

EreaderoneinkYup, that’s my favorite eBook reader shown on an eInk device. eGads, I like it! MobileRead shares this first look at the SoriBOOK B60 hardware that’s currently under development. The reader runs on Windows CE and offers a 6-inch touch-screen in case you want to feel the pages, like a real, live book.

SoriBOOK has already sold this device in limited quantities in Korea based on the product page. Google Translate says they’ve sold three car reservations, so either something is lost in translation or there are selling out of someone’s trunk. 😉 Looks to be 369,000 Won, which equates to around $341 US and I think I’d pay that for a dedicated eBook reader. That’s assuming I could install eReader and Mobipocket like some enterprising folks are doing.