Working On The Road – Literally!

A couple days ago, WWD’s Mike Gunderloy commented on the New York Times’ coverage of Chrysler’s UConnect technology, bringing internet connectivity to their vehicle line up.

As the NYT rightly pointed out, road safety is becoming an increasingly diminished quality as legislation duels with user’s desire to remain connected (but distracted) on the road.

Coincidentally, Volkswagen recently revealed its T-6 concept vehicle – quite literally an office on wheels – that appears to be larger than a VW Camper and a cross between Tom Cruise’s ride in Minority Report and Tron’s Lightcycles!

Alexander Zhukovsky’s design explores the notion of a full functional office and conference room on wheels – admittedly a well executed design, but perhaps missing the rising trends of telecommuting, coworking and a better civic infrastructure. Adding larger, more featured vehicles to strained road infrastructures isn’t really a solution to a problem many cities face.

Great design is about solving problems and imagining a path to better futures – the T-6 symbolizes all that’s wrong with auto-centric, workaholic cultures. Your experience as a passenger is more likely to resemble Tom Scott’s hilarious Tea Party In A Transit than an orderly business meeting!

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