RadioShack offering Samsung Instinct for $100 this weekend

SamsunginstinctWe’re about to kick off a three-day, holiday weekend here in the States. It gives the kids one last breather before their new school year… at least up here where we actually have four seasons of weather. The kids near James have been back to school for a bit already since they have two seasons: hot and hotter.

Speaking of hot, RadioShack looks to have a hot deal this Labor Day weekend. They’re adding the Samsung Instinct to their stores and new Sprint customers can nab this iPhone-looking handset for $100. A quick check of the Sprint site shows that the carrier offers the Instinct with two-year agreement for $229.99, although there is a $100 mail-in rebate which gets you to $129.99. There’s no rebate involved on the RadioShack deal, although you have to commit to the Sprint Simply Everything Plan.

When I say the Instinct is "iPhone-ish", even Sprint agrees: they have a comical "Instinct vs. iPhone" page (caution: audio) comparing some of the key features, functions and capabilities. Yes, it’s marketing hype, but it’s funny and does highlight some advantages the Instinct might offer you; namely: turn-by-turn voice directions, voice calling, five times more 3G coverage nationwide and of course, the removable battery. Differences aside, there seems to be a mixed consensus on the Samsung Instinct. Om asked folks who own it what they thought and there appears to be no middle ground; it’s either great or it’s terrible.