Viacom on Veoh Ruling: So What?

As could be expected, Viacom said it doesn’t care about video-sharing site Veoh’s recent legal victory in a copyright infringement case. Viacom, which is suing YouTube for $1 billion, issued the following statement about the Veoh ruling:

“Even if the Veoh decision were to be considered by other courts, that case does nothing to change the fact that YouTube is a business built on infringement that has failed to take reasonable measures to respect the rights of creators and content owners.”

YouTube, meanwhile, issued a statement of its own:

“It is great to see the court confirm that the DMCA protects services like YouTube that follow the law and respect copyrights.”

But corks shouldn’t be flying off champagne bottles at YouTube HQ quite yet. As Steve wrote earlier this week, the court was quick to point out that the ruling in the Veoh case wasn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card for all video sites, and the judge’s decision was “not intended to push the boundaries of safe harbor so wide that less-than-scrupulous service providers may claim its protection.” The IO Group, which lost the copyright infringement fight with Veoh, failed to follow notification procedures spelled out in the DMCA, and IO’s video clips didn’t have copyright notices.