NebuAd Loses CEO, Won’t Admit Defeat

After layoffs last month and an Associated Press article today pointed out that NebuAd has little or no future based on its business model of using deep packet inspection technology to insert advertising into a consumer’s web site based on their surfing habits, the company lost CEO Bob Dykes.

Dykes joined VeriFone as its chief financial officer. It’s a shame Dykes left because unlike the CEO of Phorm, a U.K firm touting a similar business model, Dykes actually struck me as a legitimate businessman. I was never sold on the privacy implications of the NebuAd endeavor, but Dykes, with his background as the CFO of Juniper Networks, added some credibility to the operation. Current NebuAd president Kira Makagon is assuming the title of CEO, and Dykes will remain as chairman of the board.

NebuAd in an emailed statement said, “NebuAd is also broadening its market via more conventional media channels and means. Accordingly, NebuAd’s current President, Kira Makagon who has been responsible for NebuAd’s advertising systems and media revenue, will assume the role of CEO to drive adoption of the platform across more traditional channels.”

Perhaps those “traditional channels” include those not under Congressional investigation for violating user’s privacy–although since a large portion of web providers and large portals seem to be facing such scrutiny NebuAd’s future seems limited at best.