Gdgt- is this the big Peter Rojas/ Ryan Block new gig?

Just stumbled across a little site with the cool name of gdgt- lo and behold it’s a new site by Peter Rojas and Ryan Block, both formerly of Engadget fame.  Both Peter and Ryan are friends of ours here at jkOnTheRun and I know both Kevin and I have been anxious to see what their new venture is going to be.  I don’t know if this is it or if it’s just a teaser to get us talking (it worked guys) but they are going to do a weekly podcast.  I’m off to listen to it now so you’d better hurry and do the same.  Anything these guys talk about will be solid gold.  Welcome back Peter and Ryan!  Don’t be strangers.


UPDATE:  Yes it sure is.  I’ve heard from both of the guys and this is the new home for them both.  It’s a temporary look and feel so don’t be surprised when it starts popping in the future.  Great podcast, BTW!