PC Makers Give Storage Startups a Boost

On Sunday, I wrote that online back-up services are much in demand from consumers who are worried about their digital data. David Friend, CEO of Carbonite, told us that he wouldn’t be surprised that in a few years “almost every PC is going to ship with online backup built-in.” Seems like he was being super-conservative, and his vision might come to life sooner than we think, thanks to two announcements that hit the wires this week.

Dell today announced a partnership with Box.net, where it is bundling 2 GB of free storage with the newly announced Dell Netbook. Premium services will be available for upgrade at a discount. I think it is $99 a year for 25 GB of space. Earlier this week, Mozy announced a partnership with Lenovo, the Chinese company that makes and sells laptops under the ThinkPad brand. Mozy service will be bundled with the new Lenovo ThinkPad SL series laptops, and people will get 5 GB storage for free for 90 days. The next step, as David said, would be to have seamless back-up without worrying about space and dealing with software installations. Lenovo is offering unlimited online backup, so the Lenovo customer doesn’t have to worry about space issues, a Mozy spokesperson emailed and let us know. For now this unlimited online backup is going to cost $79.99 but will then go to $99 a year. 

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