Ubiquity Slowly Catching On

FirefoxLast month Mozilla introduced Ubiquity, a keyboard interface for entering commands to your browser – I covered it on our sister site OStatic. One of the big features of this command line for the web is that it can be extended by anyone who cares to write a Ubiquity command – and the list of such commands has been growing. Among the things you can do that may be of web worker interest:

  • Check whether a site is down
  • Look up whois information, or ping a URL
  • Save information to Instaper
  • Create a Remember the Milk reminder
  • Add pages to del.icio.us
  • Grab info from microformats

Useful though these things are, one caution: in the current version, there are well-documented ways that a command author could smuggle malicious code into your machine. So make sure you understand the consequences if you start down the road of adding this functionality.