Producers Want Kangaroo To Give Back VOD Rights

Independent TV programme makers have repeated their concerns over the power they say will be wielded by Project Kangaroo. The Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT) said the BBCWW/ITV/C4 JV will be able to deny rivals access to content and to push up wholesale programme prices. It’s concerned that its current agreements for VOD re-use of TV shows, signed with individual broadcasters, now seem threatened by the unification of some of those broadcasters.

PACT had already made one submission to the inquiry but has made a second in response to Kangaroo’s own submission last week, in which it rejected concerns it could operate as a content and advertising cartel.

What’s different in PACT’s latest salvo – it says it’s happy for Kangaroo to go ahead under one of three conditions… 1) The JV be mandated to make shows available to others at fair, reasonable prices, 2) It separate the acquisition of TV and VOD rights, 3) It return VOD rights to the producer exclusively after a specified window. PACT is “strongly preferring” the third option.