DEMO: 10 Mobile Apps in 10 Words

I’m hanging out at DEMO the next few days, and wanted to start off with a quick rundown of the mobile apps launching at the show. With 72 companies to check out in San Diego, plus the competing coverage out of the TechCrunch50, I figured I should keep it short and sweet. So, without further ado, I present the 10 mobile app companies showing at DEMO in 10 words or less.

  1. HeyCosmo: Call with questions. Cosmo’s machines find answers. In 60 seconds.
  2. Message Sling: Voicemail to SMS, email or web. Free on any carrier.
  3. Say Where: Say a place. Get local maps or information on iPhones.
  4. Mobile: Takes the free virtual desktop and makes it mobile.
  5. Maverick Mobile: Online backup and remote tracking or locking for Nokia phones.
  6. Rocketron: Call 408-907-2323. Hear ads. Get personalized news. Comment via voice.
  7. SkyData: Send secure corporate data to mobiles from the cloud.
  8. UbiSafe: Stalk teenagers, monitor older people and track thieves using GPS.
  9. WebDiet: Finds nearby healthy food using GPS and tracks calories.
  10. Xumii: Single sign-in connects IM, media and OpenSocial apps on mobiles.