FCC Gives Telcos Free Pass on Accountability

I promised I wouldn’t do more than two posts a day, but this one is such a doozy and so anti-consumer that I just couldn’t resist. Phone companies led by AT&T (same old company whose wireless network is breaking because of too many iPhones) wants FCC to allow them to send less information to the commission when it comes to things like customer complaints, network breakdowns and infrastructure-related investments. What’s weirder is that the great champion of phone companies, Kevin Martin, chairman of hte FCC, can’t wait to get this order out of the door and give a parting gift to his long-time friends.

“We need to update this for a level playing field with the marketplace of today,” Martin told The Washington Post. “On quality of service, for example, if that data is relevant for one carrier, then it should be relevant for all platforms.” In other words, instead of forcing cable companies to report this information and making them more accountable, too, he just wants to do away with any accountability for phone companies.

The order to remove all accountability is going to be passed today, according to The Washington Post, and with that we would have yet another proof that Federal Communications Commission doesn’t have consumer interests at heart. Its job should be to keep a tight leash on the carriers, spanking them with a wet bamboo cane every single time they do anything anti-consumer. Instead we have a toothless organization that serves everyone but the people. What do you guys think?