Jessica Rose Returns with Sorority Forever

Is there life after Lonelygirl? We’ll find out as Jessica Rose returns to star in Sorority Forever, a new original web series from The WB launching today.

Produced by director McG’s (Charlie’s Angels) Wonderland Sound and Vision company and Big Fantastic (Prom Queen), Sorority Forever is a mystery set in a (duh) sorority with a dark secret. According to official press materials, the series will “provide viewers with a sexy and immersive experience that is simultaneously realistic and voyeuristic.” Well, at least they know how to get the web’s attention.

New episodes of Sorority are out daily at 9:00 a.m. PDT on the, and MySpace TV, which nabbed the rights to show new episodes 24 hours before they are distributed to other broadband outlets.

Sorority isn’t just a test for The WB’s programming, but also of star Jessica Rose’s ability to attract audiences. How many of the Bree-niacs will show up, and will her Internet star shine as bright now that there’s no mystery around whether or not she’s an actor? Sorority is also another shot for Big Fantastic, which made its mark with Prom Queen, but wasn’t able to capture a sizable audience for its follow-up big-budget (in web terms) series Foreign Body.