Circle Dock: a free, customizable program dock for touchscreen PCs

Looking for a program launcher that’s a wee bit more finger friendly for a touchscreen UMPC? You have to check out Circle Dock, an open source solution for both Windows XP and Vista. At first, I was taken aback by the rotary phone look of Circle Dock, but it actually makes sense to me as I look at the versatility of it. Using a circular dock allows you to see every shortcut on the dock without items scrolling on to or off of the screen. When I use my Q1UP with Vista, I find myself scrolling quite a bit in the menu system.

Circle Dock offers a vast amount of customization: icon images, a hotkey to show the dock, skins, animation, labels and more. I like how the dock can sit in the center of your desktop, or can hide similarly to the Tablet Input Panel: just get your cursor to the side of the screen to toggle visibility. Take a look and see if you think it’s worth the free download. I’m grabbing it now.

(via Pocketables)