YouTube Recommends Nexicon to Content Providers

Nexicon (s NXCO) announced this week it has partnered with YouTube to offer copyright management tools to content providers. Basically, content owners can hire Nexicon to monitor videos that get flagged by YouTube’s Video ID video fingerprinting system, and Nexicon will help decide whether to have the video removed or to claim it and place advertising against it.

A YouTube spokesperson said this was not an exclusive agreement but she believed it to be the first of its kind.

YouTube previously said that in 90 percent of cases in which infringing content is identified, content owners are choosing to place ads against the video rather than take it down. And the company recently told the New York Times that the number of people that use its Video ID program now totals 300. Universal Music Group (s VIV), Lionsgate (s LGF), Electronic Arts (s ERTS), Time Warner (s TWX), Disney (s DIS), Hearst-Argyle (s HTV) and CBS Interactive (s CBS) are known to have at least tested the system.

Nexicon’s products monitor IRC and BitTorrent for infringing content, identify infringers, report on infringement trends, autogenerate DMCA takedown notices, manage automated copyright infringement settlements and provide evidence for lawsuits.