Mobile Content Bits: Voda NZ Music, Mippin Mobilizer, ITV Shuns Mobile

*Vodafone*music: Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) is launching Omnifone’s MusicStation unlimited subscription service in New Zealand. Subscribers will get to download and share an unlimited number of tracks, from a repertoire of over a million comprising all majors and some indies, for NZ$2.50 per week and no data fee. Vodafone already operates MusicStation in the UK and South Africa. Also today, Vodafone launched a separate music store,

Mippin Mobilizer: Mobile content destination site Mippin, has rolled out a new mobile publishing service, Mippin Mobilizer, which allows a content provider to create a mobile version of their site. The new free service differs from its existing Mippin Maker in that it supports a wider range of devices