Set Your iPhone On Fire With Sonic Lighter

Today, Smule released a really cool (or hot, if you want to be go that route) app for the iPhone called Sonic Lighter.

Sonic Lighter is an iPhone-only app (sorry iPod touch users), that makes use of the accelerometer and sound to affect the flame it shows. Simply flick the flints on the screen to light the flame and then turn the iPhone from side to side to see how the flame reacts. Turn it too far and it will digitally burn the side of the screen…how 21st century. You can even run your finger through the flame and it will react accordingly. To put the flame out you just blow in to the microphone and it puts it right out.

What I think is infinitely cooler, though, is its ability to ignite other iPhones. The flame gives off a faint crackling sound through the iPhone’s speaker, so when you put your phone up next to another iPhone (with Sonic Lighter installed), it will light the flame in the app. It does this through the receiving iPhone’s mic by picking up the crackling noise to detect proximity of the flaming iPhone.

There’s also a world map of everyone who has set their iPhone ablaze. San Francisco and New York appear to have burned to the ground.

Sonic Lighter is more of an experiment in sound and physics than an actual featured-laden application that you can do a lot with. So in that sense, it is a tad gimmicky considering you have to pay for it. Though, for only 99 cents, I can definitely say it’s worth it for a quick entertainment fix…especially if you can get some other friends to buy it. Then you can all sit around, light each other’s flames and sit in a dark room listening to Free Bird. Or not.

Here’s a quick YouTube video of the app in action.