RightScale Makes Multiple Clouds Work

As corporate giants get more interested in managing clouds, startups already in the sector are defending their turf and trying to make cloud computing more enterprise friendly. RightScale, a one-year-old startup that offers a management platform for Amazon’s Web Services said today that it now can offer the same management for clouds provided by GoGrid and FlexiScale. It also says it’s working with Rackspace to integrate information from the Mosso and F5 clouds.

For enterprise customers that want to operate their software on multiple operating systems or on multiple platforms the news could be compelling. Essentially, RightScale is offering customers a one-stop-shop for managing and provisioning different types of clouds. With such an offering it’s as easy to run applications in Windows-based clouds offered by GoGrid as in Linux-based clouds as offered by Amazon.

This will help with the problems of ensuring reliability and the pain of dealing with platform specific clouds, issues I wrote about a few months ago in why enterprises are not ready to trust the cloud.