Did Sarah Palin Laugh at Tina Fey?

Gov. Sarah Palin’s record and political positions have been under close examination over the past few weeks, and as a result, a startling number of inconsistencies have emerged. For example — did she enjoy her send-up at Tina Fey’s hands on last Saturday’s SNL?

She definitely saw it, thanks to JetBlue’s satellite TV hook-up: Palin and her staff were sitting at the front of a charter flight from Reno to Denver, while members of the press sat at the back. But her reaction can best be described as a triple take — by which I mean there are at least three different stories of her reaction to watching the piece.

From ABC News’ Political Radar:

There were howls of laughter from the sizable press corps covering Palin’s first foray on the campaign trail without her running man as a chaperone.

But, from the front of the plane, silence. The flight attendants assured us Palin and her entourage were watching. What she thought, though, is anybody’s guess.

But according to CBS News’ Scott Conroy:

According to [Palin’s] spokesperson Tracey Schmitt, the real Sarah Palin had a good laugh along with the press corps in the back of the plane and millions of Americans at home. “She thought it was quite funny, particularly because she once dressed up as Tina Fey for Halloween,” Schmitt said.

And the newest version, from the Hollywood Reporter:

The Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate told Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity that she watched the “SNL” skit that opened the late-night show’s new season last Saturday.

“I watched it with the volume all the way down,” Palin said. “I thought it was hilarious.”

Palin said she “didn’t hear a word she said but the visual (was) spot on.”

This latest account is probably the most accurate, but also the most disturbing. Let it be known, Palin critics — she’s willing to look at you, but not willing to listen.