Mobilize 08 wrapup

The one day Mobilize 08 conference is now behind us and it was an awesome conference.  Everyone I spoke to after it ended gushed about how great the conference was for them to attend.  There were so many industry heavyweights speaking about the hot topics of the day and some wonderful panels that presented different POVs about them.

Kevin and I conducted live interviews all day long and got to speak with so many different people of note in the mobile space.  I had great conversations with Sun Microsystems, Symbian, Motorola Good Technology Group, TellMe, and many others.  I am told these interviews will be available online shortly.

Jkotr_and_ryan_blockI had a blast judging the LaunchPad presentations, a competition where 12 companies presented their new products to the judges and audience.  It was very cool to see some of these new products from a pre-launch POV and it was a ton of fun.  It was also great seeing Ryan Block again, and talking to him at length about his new venture with Peter Rojas,  Ryan is a good friend and both Kevin and I enjoyed our time with him.  Ryan and Peter have some big things planned for gdgt so keep an eye on them, that’s all I’m saying.

I got to demonstrate the Tablet PC to our IT guys, neither of whom had ever seen one in person.  I showed them the benefits of slate mode, how inking works in programs and other aspects of using a tablet.  They were blown away by the ink searching in OneNote as I showed them how it could search my chicken scratch.  Throughout the demonstration both of them kept commenting how they couldn’t believe they had never heard of how powerful this was, either about the Tablet PC or OneNote.  It’s that nonexistent marketing thing again.

All in all there was nothing negative about this conference and that is extremely unusual.  It was fast-paced and exciting and it was obvious from my conversations with many attendees that everyone felt it was very worthwhile for them to attend.  Kudos to the hard work the GigaOM team did in putting the conference together.  You guys rock!

I must apologize for one thing at the end of the show.  Just before the contest judging at the end of the conference I received the following text message from back home:

We have power.

You may be aware I am from Houston which was devastated by Hurricane Ike and my home had been without power for almost a week since the storm.  You can imagine how hard going without power is for that long and there was no word how much longer it would be out.   It’s no surprise that when I received the text message above informing me that I would be returning today to a home with electricity I let out a loud WHOOP that disturbed some folks until I explained.  Sorry everybody for the outburst but in the same circumstance I’d do it again.  🙂