VoIP Growing Really Really Fast In Europe

According to research firm TeleGeography, at the end of 2007 there were 25.3 million consumer VoIP lines in service in Western Europe, up 69 percent from 15 million in 2006. There were 6.5 million VoIP subscribers in 2005. That number is going to top 37 million by end of 2008, nearly 29 percent of the total fixed lines in Western Europe.

Why this rapid growth? Better broadband speeds, carriers fully embracing triple-play services and, most importantly, intense competition are the main reasons why Western Europe is seeing a VoIP explosion. In Europe many operators are charging as little as €30 ($43) including unlimited dialing. France Telecom is the biggest VoIP provider in Western Europe. The incumbents are five of the 10 largest European VoIP service providers. Surprise!