Build a USB extension with phone jacks and wire


Ever need to extend the physical range of a USB device from a computer but you just didn’t have a long enough USB cable and no quick way to run out for one? Me neither, but let’s forget the odds of this situation simply because it’s a cool little hack! Besides, it’s nice to see a useful USB bit; I’m tired of the USB powered nose-trimmers and fans.Anyway, I did not know that you could use regular phone cord to essentially create a longer USB cable. Shame on me, because it’s perfectly logical that it would work. You’ll also need a short USB cable and two old phone jacks; the kind that are small and boxy-like. See, the jacks have four connectors inside them, exactly like a USB cable has four wires: two for data, one for power and one for grounding.


Following these simple instructions at you end up with two sets of USB & phone jack pieces. Just connect those with your phone wire, but keep the length of the entire run at or under 16.4-feet. It’s a nifty little hack and something I could see being useful on the road or in a hotel. But be sure to use your OWN jacks and wire; I don’t want to see a hotel bring you up on charges and have you say “…but jkOnTheRun told me to do this!” And if that happens: let me know so I can change the post author to James on this one. ;)(via Everything USB)