Combating OS discrimination with OS X on the MSI Wind

Wind_os_xI faced the worst case of “OS discrimination” ever last week. Yup, it was at our Mobilize conference and it didn’t take long. I walked into the room where the entire GigaOM team set up shop and looked around at Mac after Mac after Mac. But that wasn’t the worst of it. Om walked in and took his seat next to me and that’s when it really started. “What are you doing with Windows on that little computer?” he asked. At one point it got so bad that at the main office James and I were seated at a table with our Windows machines and we realized nobody would join us at our workspace. I knew we had showered, so it was a clear case of OS discrimination.While I have an inquiry in with the HR folks about the situation, I don’t expect to find a corporate resolution anytime soon, so I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. It doesn’t hurt that there’s an MSI Wind-specific build of the operating system; in fact, that just makes it easier to drop the complaints with HR.In all seriousness, Windows XP on the MSI Wind has met all of my needs quite handily. And honestly, I can handle the good-natured ribbing from the rest of our team. But I’m not one to sit still, accept, use and work with the status quo. That’s not how you expand horizons and learn about current and future options. Mobile technology is an entity that’s constantly in motion, so for a week or two, I’ll march to the beat of a different drum on my netbook and see how it pans out. The last time I went down this road, I found out how little OS X is optimized for touchscreens, so what can be learned from OS X on a small, portable computer? Perhaps a 10-inch display isn’t optimal or the current Intel Atom with one Gigabyte of RAM just won’t suffice. Either way, I still believe that we’ll see a netbook-like product from Cupertino, but I’m convinced that it would have to perform very well and be higher priced for bigger margins before we see it.