Intel fuses the Atom with two cores for nettops

IntelatomIntel has started production on a dual-core Atom CPU, the 330, running at the same speed as the now common 1.6 GHz chip we see in today’s netbooks. This little guy is geared towards nettops, not netbooks, so expect to see it inside lower priced, smaller boxes for your desk. GottaBeMobile suspects that some netbook makers will drop the 45nm chip in netbooks, but I completely disagree. Why? You’ll be sacrificing battery life for certain over current solutions: today’s single core Intel Atom tops out at 2.6 watts TDP while the dual-core flavor needs 8 watts during overdrive. I’d be looking for this inside basic desktop products since Intel says it’s geared “primarily for web surfing, email, and basic Internet usage.”I’m definitely curious as to the chip pricing and how much money it will save consumers over today’s current offerings. I continue to see desktop system prices coming down using other Intel and AMD CPUs; will boxes based on the Intel dual-core Atom be vastly less expensive while offering a solid experience? If not, I have to wonder if Intel is focusing on the right market here; there seems to be more of an opportunity in the mobile space to me.