SanDisk’s slotMusic gets physical, but why?

SlotmusicI’m not getting this concept at all from SanDisk. The latest and greatest idea appears to be combining their core competencies in flash memory and digital audio players to create: music on a microSD card. Yes… you buy a microSD card that has a complete album on it. I understand the target device, which are the millions of phones with a slot for this type of format, but those devices already have a music mechanism: the data connection that’s inherent in the phone itself. SanDisk is not only competing with downloaded and burned music from online retailers here, they’re also likely to butt heads with music services from the carriers themselves. SanDisk calls it slotMusic, but I call it DOA. There’s just no space for yet another physical content delivery mechanism for digital content.Speaking of space, you’ll be buying your album on a one Gigabyte microSD card, so if you need some storage capacity and don’t mind paying $7 to $10 for memory plus an album, this might be music to your ears. Sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me. At least the tunes are DRM-free and use a high-quality, 320kbps bitrate for the MP3 files. While that’s a a little better than the Amazon MP3 store since they average around 256 kbps, I think I’ll stick with the digital downloads over physical media and I suspect the masses will too. I find it difficult enough to manage the four memory cards I currently have. I don’t need to manage hundreds more.