Windows 7 to be less filling, great haste?

Windows7logoMicrosoft’s successor to Vista just might be better for mobile devices, which might clear up that whole “ULCPC” brouhaha. Of course, it’s way too early to tell how Windows 7 will perform on lesser smaller hardware but the tea leaves are there for the reading. Gone from 7 will be an included application for email, photo editing and video creation. Now at first glance, a consumer may complain with “but we’re getting less functionality in the OS!” I’m taking a strangely similar and yet different approach by saying “woot! We’re letting the OS be just an OS!”Put simply: it’s becoming a web-based world. We can debate the speed at which the transformation is taking place, but by-and-large with some exceptions, you’re watching it happen. Microsoft wisely agrees through their actions: in Windows 7, they’ll point you to their Windows Live services to offer functionality caused by removal of the desktop apps. There in the clouds, they can improve the system speedily. In fact, they can improve the desktop environment faster as well. Online, they can make one change to a Windows Live service and it becomes globally available. On the desktop, there’s less for them to manage so they have an opportunity to build more frequent and more focused upgrades.With less “in” the OS, I’m hoping for a more positive mobile environment on netbooks and notebooks in general. Hopefully we can get the sleep and resume nailed down to be faster too. Instant on for a full computer in sleep mode is a near reality and a must for mobile devices in the future.