T-Mobile Lifts 1 Gig Data Limits For Upcoming G1 Android Phone

After all of the hoopla following yesterday’s unveiling of the T-Mobile G1 calmed down, people started to read T-Mobile’s fine print, and in it they found out that the G1’s data consumption would be limited to 1 gig and then usage would be significantly throttled back. This prompted some people to cry foul since the first Android device is built for data usage.

Today, T-Mobile says it’s lifting that cap and reviewing their policies. In a statement, it said: “Our goal, when the T-Mobile G1 becomes available in October, is to provide affordable, high-speed data service allowing customers to experience the full data capabilities of the device and our 3G network. At the same time, we have a responsibility to provide the best network experience for all of our customers so we reserve the right to temporarily reduce data throughput for a small fraction of our customers who have excessive or disproportionate usage that interferes with our network performance or our ability to provide quality service to all of our customers.” The fine print here has been updated to includes the caveat that “Your data session, plan, or service may be suspended, terminated, or restricted for significant roaming or if you use your service in a way that interferes with our network or ability to provide quality service to other users.”

Once T-Mobile determines what the new caps will be, it says “we will be certain to share this broadly with current customers and potential new customers.” But to put 1-or-more gigs into perspective, in the last month I used 553 megabytes on my USB data card for my laptop, which included at least 10 heavy days of usage, meaning all of my email, all of my posting, including uploading photos to the Web.