Firefox 3.0.2 Fixes Security Issues & OS X Bugs

The Mozilla crew have updated Firefox 3 and Firefox 2 to address security vulnerabilities and (in the case of version 3) bugs & usability issues, including fixes for Mac-specific bugs.

Firefox 3 had five security issues including two critical ones that could lead to either memory corruption or privilege escalation. Firefox 2 fixed nine security vulnerabilities, four of which were critical.

OS X users will see fewer problems with keyboard shortcuts, be able to enter Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indic characters into Flash object text fields and store user profiles on AFP shares.

As I continue to use two browsers regularly (Firefox and Safari), Firefox continues to re-grow on me, especially with its rich extension support. If you do use non-Apple-provided browsers, it is vital that you stay on top of updates as you never know when you will find yourself surfing to a site with malicious content. Firefox makes it almost as simple as Apple’s Software Update by letting you choose between Help → Check for Updates… or setting up automatic update checking under Firefox → Preferences… → Advanced → Update.

If you’ve already upgraded, let other TAB readers know how you fared by dropping a note in the comments!