WiMAX for automobiles: Motorola’s X24 concept

Motorolax24wimaxmoduleAfter months of static, WiMAX news continues to hit the airwaves. Earlier this week, we heard that Sprint’s XOHM commercial service launches on October 8th in Baltimore. I have confirmation of that date now and plan to attend the press event. Baltimore is just a short 90-minute drive from the home office and we’ve waited so long for WiMAX that it’s worth the trip.I’ll have my EV-DO modem with me and if I wasn’t driving, I’d likely be using wireless broadband in the car. Motorola is probably glad to hear me say that because that tells them that I might be a good candidate for their X24 proof-of-concept device. The small board and radio supports WiMAX and is meant to be installed right in your vehicle. Don’t think that this connectivity is limited to just web access for entertainment and work: Motorola envisions automotive services like telemetry and I could easily see a device like this be leveraged for traffic and location data. It might even help me log my gas mileage, which right now is a manual process through the web or via Twitter and FuelFrof. Then again, you need a network for these services and we’re a long way from a national WiMAX blanket. The plans for that initiative are something I intend to ask about when the WiMAX revolution kicks off in less than two weeks.