10 Everyday Ways to Use Twitter for Work

Twitter_ What are you doing?I said it once, and I’ll say it again. I love Twitter. WWD has been talking about using Twitter as a professional tool for quite some now.

I use Twitter daily and often, almost always from my laptop on the Web, occasionally from Twhirl if I want to post to one of my 5 accounts other than my main one, sometimes from my mobile phone and once in a while from my iPod.

Twitter is my watercooler as I work solo from home (or a local cafe) in Alaska. It is my finger on the pulse of social media and things happening in the Lower 48. It is my way of touching base with friends, acquaintances and people who I’d like to get to know better.

Looking at my Twitter account over the last few weeks, I also saw distinct ways I used Twitter in my work proving once and for all that Twitter is not just chatter but a useful business tool.

Here are some ways I recently used Twitter for my work:

  1. Got help working through UStream.tv issues for my first live streaming of a presentation.
  2. Sent links to some of my most recent blog posts and client projects.
  3. Got troubleshooting tips on how to get my .Me mail via Mac Mail.
  4. Got a few beta invites to some new web apps to test.
  5. Got feedback if the operating system is pronounced Oh-Es-Ex or Oh-Es-Ten for a podcast I was doing (Twitterfriends were tied so I went for Oh-Es-Ten).
  6. Invited people to a free teleseminar on social media that I participated in.
  7. Used Twitter as part of a national Tweetup for WeVote08 – I organized the Anchorage regional event.
  8. Invited people to an event I organized in Second Life.
  9. Got feedback about portable but high quality MP3 recorders to purchase.
  10. Canvassed for input for an upcoming WWD blog post.

Twitter is a great promotional tool but for personal accounts you need to be careful not to be too spammy (I may sometimes tread that line a bit too finely – oops!). Twitter is also a knowledge base with people ready to respond to questions almost instantly.

By the way, be sure to follow the brand new @WebWorkerDaily for the latest site updates. Check the Following link for the Twitter accounts of most of the WWD team.

How are you using Twitter for your work?