Updated: Sprint Launches Xohm In Baltimore; Reveals Speeds And Pricing Plans

This may all change depending on what happens after Sprint’s (NYSE: S) Xohm and Clearwire (NSDQ: CLWR) merge later this year (pending regulatory approval), but today Sprint said it launched its WiMax service in Baltimore, and released speeds and pricing plans. Prices will start at $10 for 24 hours of unlimited usage, and range up to $35 a month with no annual contract, reports USA Today. Because it is the first market to launch, it likely won’t appeal to business travelers, but for people who need Internet access within the city, such as real estate agents or construction crews, it will likely be good enough. To use the service, customers will have to buy a WiMax modem, which cost about $45 each. There are also special launch discounts, including a $50-a-month plan that offers subscribers unlimited data usage for life (That’s a bit strange to make people pay an additional $15 a month to ensure a price for life when it’s unclear how much it will cost going forward.) In Baltimore, Sprint is promising download speeds of 2 to 4 mbps, but says it can jump to 10 megabits or more.

UPDATE: I found out a little more on pricing. There’s also a $25 monthly plan that allows you to use the service from home only, and the on-the-go services is actually $30 (not $35 as USA Today reported) and the $50 plan not just secures a price for life, but let’s you receive access on two different devices. (Note: the $25 monthly goes up to $35 after six months and the $30 monthly on-the-go plan bumps up to $40 after 6 months).

Another interesting aspect is on the content side. Subscribers will have free access to a Web site called MyXOHM, which offers local services and entertainment content, as well as security services, hosted storage and interactive communications. Not sure what this means, but subscribers will have “their content pushed to a customized and location-aware portal via small digestible widgets.” Release.