Dial2Do adds two-way voice commands for hands-free productivity

Dial2doDuring one of the Mobilize interviews, I spent a few minutes with Ivan MacDonald, the CEO of Dial2Do. After chatting off-camera about his native country of Ireland and the famed Guinness brewery, we got down to business. The brief interview is below and you’ll hear about “openness”, a common theme we heard at the conference.Today, Dial2Do stands behind that theme and adds two-way voice interaction to e-mail, calendaring and user-created voice commands. This update gives a glimpse of what users and developers will be able to do with the service with an upcoming API release. Now you can listen to or create e-mails and events right through Dial2Do or enable one of the 20 hands-free voice commands for activities like: posting status to a social network, listen to your upcoming Google Calendar events, or hear an RSS feed read to you over the phone.The service is free and works well. I’ve used it in the past for basics like checking e-mail and it came in handy recently when for some reason, my iPhone had no data connection. That’s part of the appeal: you can still be “connected” and productive even when you’re not connected in the traditional sense of data. And any old phone will do. Nice to see to the service become more of a platform that can be leveraged and customized. Dial2Do is currently supported in 19 countries, so you’ll want to check the FAQs to verify support and the Dial2Do phone number in your area.

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