Hello October! Beantown Bound

It is October and they are still playing Baseball in Boston and Chicago and L.A. and Philadelphia. Just not in New York, where even a combined payroll of $335 million doesn’t buy a playoff birth. The only team(s) more incompetent is in Washington DC, playing football with the future of the U.S. The ignominy that is NY Baseball (with its all sorts of lame excuses — injuries) makes it hard to get on the plane taking me to Boston.

I still can’t believe I am going to Red Sox Nation, where I am leading a panel discussion hosted by Charles River Ventures. The topic I am going to ponder will look at nuances in innovation on the East Coast and the West Coast. On the panel are Andy Miller, CEO, Quattro Wireless; Rich Miner, VP of Mobile Technology, Google (Android); Andy Payne, Co-founder, Lab256; Jeff Bennett, founder, president and COO, NameMedia; and Jim Scheinman, co-founder, Bebo & Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Charles River Ventures.

A quick return to San Francisco and then I am off to Boulder for Aloha Social Media Summit (Oct. 6th and 7th.). Check out the schedule for the event. See you there!