WiMAX test in moving vehicle hits a speed bump

ClearwireSure it’s not safe to surf the web and drive a vehicle in the first place, but I’ve actually been productive with wireless broadband as a passenger in the car. Terry Retter from InfoWord tested the same situation with WiMAX and… well, let’s just say “under construction” might be a sign of the times. Terry tested the service in Reno, Nevada for about a month and it worked reasonably well as a primary home office Internet connection. Downloads were between 1.5- and 2.0-megabits per second, which are pretty comparable to the EV-DO speeds I get in my home. I usually see uploads around 500 kbps, but Terry only averaged around 300. Bear in mind that signal strength and other factors will heavily influence network performance.The service really crashed and burned when moving; Terry tested it in his car and found it unusable. This is interesting since we saw vehicles at CES in January to show off WiMAX on the move. He simply couldn’t maintain a connection in a moving vehicle, even when in coverage areas. I’m still not sold on the service, even though the pricing is better than what I’m paying today. If coverage were available in my area, I’d be hard pressed to change my wireless broadband provider: I need to have confidence that the service is going to work without fail and I can’t be running around only to find out the connection I thought I had isn’t available. Thoughts?