u-blox GPS module operates at 1.8V, 40% less than competitors

Neo_5d_5g_2I have no idea which specific products will use the new u-blox NEO GPS modules, but rest assured the ones that do will use 40% less juice for the navigational component. The Swiss company unveiled the NEO 5D and 5G modules which measure in at 12x16x2.4 millimeters. Small is good, but power efficient is even better when talking about radios in mobile handheld devices. The new NEO chips run on 1.8 Volts, not 3 Volts like most other similar modules.How well do the u-blox GPS chips work? I can’t say from any personal experience, but if you’ve used the USB device bundled in the Microsoft MapPoint 2009 with GPS Locator package, that’s a u-blox GPS radio in the locator.