Sunny’s “PatheticGirl 43” Suddenly Online

Sometimes, all TV networks need is a little nudge. A push. A gentle reminder. All I’m sayin’ is that at 1:47 p.m. on Sept. 30th, I pointed out that FX Networks had missed an opportunity by not putting the “PatheticGirl 43” clip from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia up on YouTube. On October 2nd, multiple clips were uploaded.

Not only are there two promos featuring “PatheticGirl” as they appeared in the episode up on the official Sunny YouTube channel, but it looks as though the network plucked the actual clips out from the show and posted them under the channel “PatheticGrrl43.”

For those who missed the episode, two of the characters (Charlie and Sweet Dee) were trying to create an intentional viral video that involved a volleyball being thrown at a face. However, they discover real viral gold when they post Dee’s personal (and embarrassing) video diary to YouTube. That sounds confusing when I write it out like that, so maybe you should just watch the whole thing: