Follow Twitter Trends With Connect the Tweets

Connect The TweetsWhen I explain Twitter to the uninitiated, I tend to describe it as my virtual water cooler. It helps me keep a finger on what is happening outside of my office by letting me listen in on what others are saying. Aliza just wrote about ways to use it for work, and it can indeed be a part of a productivity suite. To me though, much of the chatter is the equivalent of overhearing a phone conversation from the cubicle next to me.

Despite my ever expanding list of folks I follow, I know I am only seeing a portion of what is being said. So I am rather intrigued by a new project called Connect the Tweets. Connect the Tweets collects the top trending items on Twitter and attempts to put them into perspective and context. What is this and why is it trending? These are then posted on the site or more conveniently, distributed back out via Twitter by @cttweets.

It’s a simple concept with a simple implementation that creates a Twitter ticker of sorts. By distilling the massive number of simultaneous conversations happening into useful nuggets, it helps me filter out some of the noise while still allowing me to discover and the conversations that are of interest and importance to me. While Twitter’s own search also presents the top trends, I appreciate that the way that Connect the Tweets turns this discovery process into an effortless one for me.

How do you follow Twitter trends?