Melodis Raises $7M for Midomi iPhone App

Updated. In the same way that mobile access to Wikipedia has transformed stupid arguments, mobile song recognition apps are truly neat when you need to name that tune. While they’ve been around for a while (though they didn’t always work so well and sometimes they cost money), the interface of the iPhone and the prominence of Apple’s App Store has given them a big boost. Today, Shazam (where you can hold your phone up to a speaker to analyze what song is playing) and Midomi (where you can do the same, but you can even sing the song yourself and listen to other users’ renditions as well) are No. 27 and 71, respectively, in Apple’s most-downloaded free apps. And now Midomi’s parent company, San Jose, Calif.-based Melodis, says it has raised $7 million in Series B funding.

The funds were provided by TransLink Capital, JAIC America and Global Catalyst Partners, and will be used to distribute and monetize the company’s music search products. Melodis has now raised a total of $12 million.

In my extensive tests (which were not so extensive, because I don’t own an iPhone — but were more extensive than you might think, because I’ve convinced many people to download Midomi), the app works really well for most pop music (but not at all for classical). It’s an awesome party trick. However, some reviewers have found Shazam to be more accurate.

Update: Shazam has raised nearly $20 million in funding, but it hasn’t taken new funding in four years, the company told us Tuesday morning. also recently raised funding — some $6.6 million from IDG Ventures Europe, Lynx Capital Ventures, and Soft Park — though we don’t know how much it’s raised in total.