Someday you WILL want your phone swiped. To make a purchase.

B_visaNo, I don’t mean swiped as in stolen, although that might be a good way for me to get Barb’s iPhone replaced since it has a cracked screen. I’m talking about today’s action of swiping your credit card for purchases. Sorry for the cliche here but I don’t leave home without my American Express card. It has RFID functionality built in so I actually just wave it over a terminal to make a charge. Yes, I sometimes speak out to the Force and say “these aren’t the credit cards you’re looking for” when I wave it, but that’s just a fun side benefit. Plus it shortens the line behind me, making for a happy cashier.Anyway, about 6,000 Nokia 6212 Classic owners get to do the same thing, only they do it with their phone. The handset has NFC or Near Field Communications technology so it can act as an RFID tag. Interestingly, it also has RFID reading capabilities, so it can actually communicated through peer-to-peer with other supported devices. Sounds reminiscent of infrared business card beaming, but we’ll have to see what applications develop. Just make sure you’re buddies with the other device owner because your phones will be nuzzled within 4-centimeters of each other for data transfers.The Nokia 6212 handsets with NFC work with Visa, so I’m out of luck with my AMEX account. This is the first time folks can use their handset to initiate not just a purchase, but also a transfer of funds to their Visa debit card from another account. I hate carrying cash, in fact, I rarely do. Aside from the obvious security challenges, I’m all for digitizing currency and using a phone to make purchases and transfers. Of course the AMEX folks will have to change their “don’t leave home without it” slogan. Unless they come up with an American Express-branded handset.