Text Messages Increasingly Used By Families And By Those Who Date: Report

Families are increasingly using text messaging to stay in touch, while the short snippets of text are also being to flirt and send love notes, according to two surveys released today by AT&T (NYSE: T). Both reports were completed by Synovate via an online consumer opinion panels with adults and children.

Details from the Parent-Child Texting Survey: Release.

— 76 percent of parents agreed that their children are more likely to keep them informed of their activities or whereabouts with text messaging.
— 73 percent of parents said children are more likely to respond to a text message.
— Half of parents surveyed think that text messaging makes them cool.
— 65 percent of Children say they like the privacy of text messaging; 49 percent like the cool/hip factor; and 48 percent say it’s a better use of time than calling.

The Role of Texting in Dating and Relationships: Release.

— 68 percent of texters admitted to sending a love note via text messaging.
— 52 percent said “thinking of you” was the most common text message to receive.
— 34 percent agreed they would be more comfortable on a first date if they received a text message beforehand.
— 84 percent believe that text messages can sometimes be misunderstood by a date or suitor.