Court Extends RealDVD Restraining Order

A U.S. District Court judge sided with the Hollywood studios yesterday when she extended the restraining order that prevents RealNetworks from selling its controversial RealDVD software. Sales of the product aren’t likely to resume anytime soon, as Judge Marilyn Patel indicated that she would not be available for another hearing until after Nov. 17.

CNET reports that, in making her decision, the judge said:

“I am extending the temporary restraining order because I’m not satisfied in the fact that this technology is not in violation,” Patel said following the three-hour hearing. “There are serious questions about copyright violations. There are questions about violations of the [Digital Millennium Copyright Act], and violations of these companies’ agreement.”

During yesterday’s hearing, RealNetworks stuck to its guns, insisting that RealDVD does not crack any of the copy protections on the disc, and that the software does not violate Real’s agreement with the DVD Copy Control Association.

But the issue of renting and ripping DVDs reared its head, with Real admitting that the software could allow people to copy films that they did not own.

Both sides issued statements following the ruling yesterday.

From Real:

“We are confident that the Court will determine that RealDVD complies with the DVD CCA license agreement, and that it is not in violation of any copyright laws.”

And from the MPAA, which represents the Hollywood studios:

“While it is unfortunate that RealNetworks’ actions forced these legal proceedings, the industry remains focused on actively and comprehensively expanding consumer choice and access to content through web streaming, digital downloads, on-demand services and other offerings.”